A Mobile First Payment Gateway

New Generation Checkout Solution made exclusively for Smartphones.

Easy, Fast and Secure

Seamless Communication between the Merchant and Bank Applications.

Say Goodbye to Failed Transactions

Optimized to reduce the number of Drop-Offs in mCommerce Transactions.


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Seamless ExperienceBest In Industry

Lower Drop OffsSay Bye To Redirections

Higher RevenuesRealize Higher Revenue

Higher SecurityState Of The Art Security

How JetSetPay Works?

Smooth Payment Experience in which Merchant App directly communicates with the Bank App for User Authentication and Authorization.

  • Merchant & Bank App installed on Same Mobile
  • User checkout using Merchant App
  • Choose Mobile Banking as Payment Option
  • Choose Bank
  • Automatically opens the Bank App
  • User enters PIN/Password on Bank App
  • Payment Successful
  • Auto Switching back to Merchant App

JetSetPay Unique Features You're Gonna Love

You have the right reason to select JetSetPay over other payment aggregators

App to App Payment

Take your customers directly to Bank App from your Merchant App.

Totally Asynchronous

No waiting to get transaction status

Easy Integration

Restful APIs and Libraries to get started in seconds

No Redirection

Seamless experience for customer, no website redirection

No Drop-Off

Technical and Network failures does not affect transaction

Fallback Net-banking

Assurance on payment completion even without the Bank App

Detailed Analytics

Comprehensive and Detailed Analytics for the merchant.

Fast Onboarding

Completely online on-boarding, no physical documents required.

Unified Pricing

Single Standard Pricing, No Hidden Cost.

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